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Our Coffee Beans: What You Need To Know

Colombia’s enviroment plays a large role in our coffees high quality

Every region provides a different taste due to their unique soils and climates. The tropic zones and mountainous areas create a diverse and particular taste. Get to know our delights and taste of four origins: Sierra Nevada, Cauca, Huila and Cauca.


Located in the southwest corner of Colombia, this region has diversity of geographical features such high mountains, slopes rivers and canyons. The rivers and Canyons of the zone as well as the sunlight hours let the hot air... See more


The coffee of Huila is one of the most recognized regional coffees of Colombia. Grown in the province that gives its name, between the central and eastern Andean mountain ranges. See more

Sierra Nevada

The natural park of Sierra Nevada is one of the biggest and ecologically richest parks in Colombia but also is a coffee growing land. The coffee growers of this region are recognized because of the high quality coffee... See more


The so called "Popayán plateau" and its surroundings are naturally enclosed by a system of Andean mountain ranges permitting the presence of homogeneous characteristics of climate and height generating the ideal conditions... See more