We are a family owned enterprise offering the delights and taste of four origins

Our coffee is recognized for its cleanliness,
its acidic touch, its large size and its strong aroma.
  • $4.501Lb
  • High Acidity
  • Medium Body
  • Smooth, Clean, Crips
  • Citrus, Sweet with Floral notes
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  • $5.451Lb
  • Medium/High acidity
  • Balanced, clean, crips
  • Citrus and chocolate notes
  • with sweet residual
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  • $5.251lb
  • High acidity
  • Medium, Bright, Juicy
  • Soft orange notes
  • Sweet brown sugar
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  • $5.751lb
  • Medium Low acidity
  • Balanced, round, clean
  • Strong aroma
  • Sweet, chocolate, citrus taste
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Our mission is simple

To bring the best Colombian green coffee beans
from the growing regions to your roaster.

Why Choose Us

High Quality Product
The highest standards of selection
Highly qualified land
Previously chosen for the best production
Colombian flavor and scent
The most sought coffee at the best price
Shipping fast and safe
Delivery to where you need it

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    • male-circle-512 Very well balanced, nice fruity, tangerine and chocolate notes. Will make an excellent choice for a cup of drip, french or espresso.
    • female-circle-512 Su página me gustó y me gustaría obtener una prueba.
    • male-circle-512 Me encanta la posibilidad de probar el sabor del café colombiano en Estados Unidos, es como si estuviéramos otra vez en la finca.
    • male-circle-512 In every sip of Colombian coffee (Nariño) I taste good quality for its acidity and sweetness of mint and herbal tones.

      Madison, Wisconsin

    • female-circle-512

      My clients are interested in this sweetness with high quality acidity, that is why I always look for anyone who has a coffee from Nariño and here in Negrita's Coffee I found it.

      Columbus, Ohio

    • male-circle-512

      A great and well balanced coffee, very happy to find it here at Negrita´s Coffee.

      Norfolk, Virginia

    • male-circle-512

      This Coffee has a clean taste, well balanced, and full aroma. Excellent for me…

      Lancaster, Pensilvania

    • female-circle-512

      Perfect, mild to high acidity and great body.

      Denver, Colorado

    • female-circle-512

      It's the second time I buy the coffee here and it's delicious, thanks.

      Minneapolis, Minnesota